Wednesday 8 April 2015

Forensics - 3D Analysis

In THIS posting I came up with a formula for analysing shadows based on a study of the contours of the bird and the distribution of subtle colour tones.  

Here is a far more sophisticated approach using 3D modelling by a renowned digital forensics expert Prof. Hany Farid from Dartmouth. This analysis looks at one of the most infamous photos in American history, the 1964 Oswald Life Magazine cover.

While this may not be a practical method for our purposes right now it demonstrates what can be achieved using 3D modelling.  3D modelling may still seem like an unlikely tool for the average birder but check this next video out.  Whether this software and video is 100% real or not, software like this may not be too far away and we may be employing 3D analysis before too long.

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