Sunday 5 April 2015

Colour - Saturation (The Bold And The Bland)

With the spotlight on field marks I reached the conclusion that bold field marks and colours were more 'resilient' to image quality deterioration than bland field marks, as discussed HERE.

I have already tested exposure HERE but I didn't look closely enough at colour saturation.  When we apply the recent analysis of colour saturation to the field mark question does the analysis match up?

Samples 1, 3 and 5 fit the description of bold colours while samples 2 and 4 are bland.  Though this is only a small sample size the analysis and, more importantly, the research reveals an unexpected result.

Colour Saturation and Luminance
It might appear visually that colour saturation should reduce with a reduction in exposure quality (as we are used to seeing this when we adjust brightness levels in images), in fact there is more to saturation than meets the eye.  While recently researching this area (HERE) I found that saturation control is governed at least in part by the processor.  The camera sensor does measure both hue and saturation (as explained HERE) but there may be more going on post production than meets the eye.  In actual fact, what we find is that under and overexposure may both produce more saturated colours depending on how the processor is configured. However, some of the earlier analysis does still stand.  We see for instance bland colours are clearly clipped in very overexposed images whereas bold colours can withstand a higher level of both over and underexposure.

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