Saturday 27 September 2014

Milestone Reached

I have just reached an important milestone with this blog.  I have completed my initial research into each of the five key image quality parameters, resolution, focus, exposure, colour and artefacts.  I have published an individual page covering each of these in turn so the page links to the right of the main blog on screen have started to take shape.  This research is by no means complete and I will continue to develop these pages as more useful information comes to light.

Quite a number of new lines of enquiry have opened up and I will start broadening the blog into these areas in the coming months.  Before doing this however I will put the image quality tool through it's paces a bit using some sample images.  The next few blog postings will contain this analysis.

By now I am happy to report that interest in the blog has started to spread a bit, thanks mainly to the postings on UV and birds.  I don't get too many direct comments to the blog but I do get the occasional interested email and I would like to take the opportunity to thank those who have offered constructive advice and sent on some valuable research leads.  I hope those who regularly pop in for a look are getting something useful from the blog and as always encourage anyone with questions or an interest in getting involved to get in touch.

Here is a breakdown of the traffic including the most visited posts/pages thus far.  It is a rather specialist blog so I am extremely gratified by the interest.


Mike O'Keeffe

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