Monday 21 July 2014

Colour - UV Imaging

A blast from the past

If like me you are into gadgets then chances are you have walked the whole digital road from VHS and Hi-8 through Digital 8, Mini-DV, ultimately dispensing with tape and arriving at solid state media, Memory Stick, Flash and SD cards.  And, chances are you might have some of these older format cameras still lying about gathering dust.  Well, maybe it's time to breath some cutting edge life into your old camera gear.

While researching UV and birds (HERE) I was initially quite surprised to find how few UV images of birds exist on the internet.  It then became obvious why this has been the case.  Most scientific studies of UV and birds are through the medium of spectrophotometry, not digital photography.  Secondly, most UV photographers use digital stills cameras, the setup for which is both costly and technically challenging.  If only things were more simple...

Well, I think I may have the answer that may bring UV photography more into the mainstream of birding.  I am waiting for a few high UV index days to really test my rig out on bird UV imaging.  But in the meantime I hope the video below outlines the concept and gets those UV juices flowing.  

More HERE...

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