Tuesday 4 March 2014

Human Bias - Camera v's Human Eye (Part 1)

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For a fascinating look into the differences between how our eye and brain works and how the camera and processor works check out CAMBRIDGEINCOLOUR.

Cast your eye around the image on the left.  This scintillating design (from LINK) helps highlight the typical field of view of your focal area.  As I focus on the image on my screen a box consisting of 9 circular points pops out from the screen.  This effect is just one of a range of optical illusions which we are prone to, but more of that another time.  You may see more or less points depending on your screen size and your distance from the screen.

Using the same concept as the "region of interest" example in the CAMBRIDGEINCOLOUR tutorial, here I have marked the areas of this Kumlien's Gull image that drew my attention over the first 60 seconds of viewing.

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