Thursday 20 February 2014

Parameter #5 - Artefacts

Maximum Score - 10/100

See current scoring methodology HERE

Photographic Artefacts could be described as any distortion of the image.  I think its important to separate normal exposure and white-balance variations from this discussion.  I think the term artefacts are used a bit too loosely at times.  Really what we are talking about here are:-

  1. Atmospheric distortions (eg. heat haze, moisture etc.)
  2. Lens distortions (eg. lens distortion, lens flare, chromatic aberration etc.)
  3. Camera sensor anomalies (eg. noise, faulty pixels, pixel bleed etc.)
  4. Processing anomalies (eg. focus halos, de-mosaicing, compression artefacts etc.)
I am not going to claim an expert knowledge on too many of these phenomena.  For the most part their effects are limited and may go largely unnoticed.  Where they do surface and may pose a significant problem for identification purposes is when a low resolution, badly exposed and heavily processed image surfaces.  The potential is exists for some of the artefacts above to completely throw an identification so it is an area that needs close attention.  I hope to do a lot more research in this area in due course and will put my findings up on the blog.

For now I hope you have read enough and seen enough here to get involved, try out the image quality methodology for yourself and let me know how you are getting on.

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